Shop Creative

Shop Creative by Rob Jelinski Studios

Growing up, both of my parents had a great appreciation for craftsmanship and value. They loved to find garage sales, flea markets, and street fairs where they could admire the handiwork of others and take home the treasures of yesteryear to add to their very own collection. 


Today I find myself mimicking the zeal of my parents when I visit a little site called! The talent and craft you find there is  immeasurable! You could spend hours lost in the treasure of Fiber Artists, Painters, Embroiders, Illustrators, Designers, you name it. Whatever you are looking for, Etsy has a shop keeper that is selling it!


I always wanted an Etsy shop of my own, so recently I finally created one. With great pride, I introduce “Shop Creative,” the newest avenue to find and purchase design inspirations, printed memorabilia, and eclectic handmade items made by all the talent Etsy totes- one of which is me! Don’t get me wrong, I plan on selling some pretty cool items in my own shop, but I decided that the only way I could truly bring my shoppers the BEST talent is to also make my shop a collective resource highlighting the work of fellow Etsy superstars via the favorite shops and items link on my store page. Below are only a few samples of the breathtaking treasures that lie in my store and favorites lists. I hope you enjoy samples and take a few minutes to buy some really cool Christmas presents from the Etsy creatives I am networking with!




No. 1 { Augustina Finch }

Hand-Sewn Vintage Paper Envelopes with Cards (Upcycle Stationary)




No. 2 { Swallowfield }

Autumn Garden (Archival Print)




No. 3 { RococcoLA }


Electric Bulb (Art Print)




No. 4 { Merriweather Council }


Christmas or Not (Ornament)




No. 5 { Fairysomnia }


Abstract Love Red Umbrella (Watercolor Painting)




No. 6 { Cornflower Blue Studio }


Christmas Love Note (Hand Embroidered)




No. 7 { Moloco }

 Birds on the Branches (5 Cosey, Dangling Friends)




No. 8 { Flourish Café }


Indie Feather Art (Print)




No. 9 { Charlotte Vallance }


Amsterdam (Greeting Cards)




No. 10 { Scarlet Beautiful }


New York City Skyline (Upcycle Print)




No. 11 { Zipper Design }


Flower Brooch Apricot and French Brown (Zipper Pin)




No. 12 { Sketch Away }

Brooklyn Bridge (Fine Art Print)




No. 13 { Shirae }


Whole Heart (Interchangeable Magnetic Locket)





No. 14 { Shop Creative }

Changed. Forever. (Limited Edition Artist Print)