Happy Birthday RJS!


Today, January 4th, marks a joyous occasion- the birth of Rob Jelinski Studios! It was 3 years ago I launched out into the unknown, establishing Rob Jelinski Studios and though it has been a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


It was June 24th, 2008- the weather was warm, the sun bright, and the birds seemed to sing an extra special song, as today was my 2nd wedding anniversary. I had just transfered to a new job six months earlier, a start up which hired me as their Creative Director and held great promise. Life was good and everything about that day just seemed beautiful. Little did I know that just moments after my arrival to work, I would sit down with my boss and she would tell me that the company could no longer afford to keep me on pay roll.


All the warm sunbeams seemed to dim, as I sat in that meeting wondering what I would do next, how this would all play out, and if my career would recover, I tried to be optimistic thinking “I’m a hard worker, I’m talented, this is just a set back, but I’ll find another job.” But after months and months of submitting resume after resume and not receiving a call back, my options suddenly seemed very limited.


It was these obstacles that stood in my path taunting that I would never make it. However, it was this fire that purified my creative heart and taught it to beat stronger and louder demanding to be noticed by onlookers everywhere!  That’s what makes this day so sweet as I yell back “I will succeed! Nothing, nothing will stand in my way!” And it was in this season of my life that Rob Jelinski Studios was born.


Today, my company is far from the Fortune 500 list, but I believe that you will see it on there one day. But whether or not that happens, I know this- Rob Jelinski Studios is making a difference in the companies it works with and that this story of hope will inspire someone out there to dare to dream and to launch out into the unknown no matter how turbulent the waves are at the moment.


In celebration of our birthday, some of my clients, colleagues, and suppliers have chosen to raise their glasses to myself and RJS as they offer fond memories, tributes, and well wishes for the future. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



“Happy Birthday RJS! We have loved working with you over the past 2 years, on everything from our website to print ads and collateral.  You are incredibly professional and easy to work with, and your talented work makes us look good every day.”


Vince and Julie

Milestones Child Care Academy



“Happy Birthday RJS! It’s a pleasure to be part of the celebration and to work with a talent like Rob Jelinski. Having been in business for 3 generations ourselves, we can appreciate the rare professionalism that is Rob Jelinski Studios. Rob brings a fresh outlook and enthusiasm to every project. We’ve been working with Rob for 7 years now, and look forward to the future! We wish RJS congratulations and many more years of continued success!”


Paul, Lorraine, and Will

The Signpost




“Happy Birthday RJS! I just want to take a few seconds to tell you how much I appreciate the fine work you’ve done bringing my self-published books to Life (with a capital “L”) over these past 2 and a half years. Each book can be compared to a newborn “child” with an individual “personality”, you have known how to “clothe” each one with your amazing designs (and always within my deadlines). Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.”


Love, Dad

Chet Jelinski



“Happy Birthday RJS! We have been working with Rob Jelinski Studios for the last two years and no matter how many projects we have given Rob, he has left us speechless time and time again.  His level of artistic creativity and his keen understanding of the needs of our business, along with his passion, commitment and dedication to his work, are truly exceptional.”


Best Wishes,

Alicia and TAOS, Inc.



“Happy Birthday RJS! It all started on a sunny afternoon when Rob (the mastermind behind RJS) sitting on a bench of the college campus approached me with the intention to sell a bag of M&Ms in order to raise money for a charity. Since that day I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in a wealth of creative projects and discussions ranging from typography tweaks to color combinations; and I have to say the end result of our “art” gatherings always left me in a heightened state of creative and inspirational awareness. I can only say that Rob is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure to meet and if you’ve worked with his company I assure you that his goal is to always excel and give the best visual solution possible!”


Best Regards,

Oscar Furtado



“Happy Birthday RJS! We have been blessed to work with Rob Jelinski Studios since the date of its launch and with Rob Jelinski many years prior. Working with Rob for so long has allowed us to see a growth in his creativity that has surpassed the requests of previous projects. It has truly been a pleasure and honor.”


God bless & Happy Birthday,

Soul Purpose ym



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All things truly are possible if you just believe.



Rob Jelinski