Versatile Blogger Award


This week I was very honored to receive a nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award by Joann Walters, creator of a nifty little blog called, Sketches and Jottings!


After Joann received the award for her blog, she chose 10 blogs that have inspired Sketches and Jottings in some manner. My Ink Pad was one of them. I am still humbled that she would describe me as talented and generous considering our tweets have only crossed paths but a few times. Thank you Joann for the love and your kind words!


To keep the trend going, below are my ten nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award. I have chosen to list these blogs because the individuals behind them are all trendsetters- plain and simple. I hope you find them as inspirational as I have.



365 Handwritten Letters

Mary Kate McDevitt is hand drawing a letter each day for one of her readers.

(I’m checking the mail for mine)


Cornflower Blue Studio

Rachel Hunnicutt possesses the amazing talent of creating fiber and knitted masterpieces that will leave you speechless every time!


Grain Edit

My everyday design inspiration is sent right to my inbox by my friends over at Grain Edit! Give it a try and you will never go back!


Brand Excitement

Wonderful, practical ideas and insight on marketing, branding, and gaining exposure for your company or brand! I can’t imagine sunday afternoons without Bea’s zine!


Spoon Graphics

Chris Spooner delivers great tutorials and freebies that you are sure to find useful in all of your design exploits!


Lost and Taken

Caleb Kimbrough is a texture genius and generously chooses to give all of his top-notch textures away for free! Caleb, you’re awesome!!!


Oh Joy!

Joy Deangdeelert Cho is a design super power with a unique outlook and keen eye for detail.

(She is also one of the authors of my favorite design book. Creative, Inc.)


Zenadia Design

Zenadia Design is the birth place of some of the most beautiful wedding invitations you have ever seen designed in the U.S.A.! (I heart ALL of them!)


Art House Co-op

Some of the most innovative people I’ve ever seen in action and the creators of the renown,

Sketchbook Project! (My work will be on The World Tour this year again)


Sam Gough

Sam Gough is a Rock Star of print design and someone who’s work I would like to one day grow into!


No. 1: Design is my trade and also a hobby

No. 2: I love crafting and most things you can create with your own two hands

No. 3: I’m good at drawing and really bad at sketching all at the same time

No. 4: I worked in prepress for 5 years

No. 5: My favorite type of project is Identity design

No. 6: I love to read the stories of other artists and originators

No. 7: I love my wife, son, and family with all my heart