Is Brooklyn in the House!?

Williamsburg Photo Shoot Hero

Today I visited Brooklyn! Before I sent off A Book Called… Forever to it’s new home in the Brooklyn Art Library, I wanted to record authentic NYC style footage for some promo reels that will be releasing in weeks to come.

I had so much fun walking the streets of Williamsburg, riding the L train for the first time, and even stopping a few locals for some real live feedback as they flipped through my 2012 Sketchbook Project! I also got a chance to stop by the Library to visit my 2011 sketchbook, “Great Hopes and Massive Failures: a modern narrative” as well as a hand full of other projects that I have been dying to see in person.


As if all of that wasn’t enough, my best friend, Efrain Mercado took the road trip with me and played my videographer, photographer, and visual genius! He has such an energy and out-of-the-box perspective that our creativity escalated with each click of the cameras. Besides being so crazy talented, Efrain is a great support to me in all of my personal and entrepreneurial endeavors. As he and I created so many memories today, it reminded me once again that I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I would be nothing without my wife and son, mom and dad, brother and sister, and my boy Efrain.


Here’s to memories made! Please wet your appetite with these sample shots and be on the look for the full showcase of photos and promo reels ;) .








(From left to right)

1 + 2: Tabie Two Arms (Two Arms, Inc)

3: Charlotte Vallance

4: Katelyn Worum

5: Rob Jelinski