2012 World Tour Featured Artist} Linyu Yen

Featured Artist} Linyu Yen

There is something so picturesque about the 2012 Sketchbook Project of Linyu Yen! This participant’s work captured my attention all the way from Taiwan over a month ago. Her work caught my eye so much, that I had to contact her immediately after viewing her project’s trailer on YouTube. Therefore, it was no surprise that a week after my first communication with Linyu, Oprah posted on her Blog about The Sketchbook Project and used this same trailer as a sample of what you can expect from the project in 2012!

I have a deep appreciation for the artwork of Asia as my grandparents were missionaries in Japan for about 30 years. My mother actually grew up and lived there until she 18 years old. As a young child I remember receiving gift packages from my Grandma and Grandpa filled with Japanese card games, the best sugar free chewing gum I’ve ever tasted, and my favorite snack, Nori Maki Arare which is a glazed rice cracker wrapped with sea weed!


Linyu’s sketchbook is all about remembering the ordinary elements and memories that build her world. Things like pens, colored tape, and pictures that are easily overlooked by everyone else. This artwork not only allows me to share in her everyday moments from across the globe, but also it frees me to remember all the long forgotten foreign trinkets of my childhood.


Please join with us in choosing to enjoy the simple things in your life by remembering them as extraordinary!






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HI! My name is Linyu Yen. I’m a illustrator studying for my Master’s Degree in Interactive and Industrial Design!


The Sketchbook Project 2012 is a good opportunity for me to discover the simple, but good little things in my daily life and draw them on the paper :) .


I like to use different kinds of materials for creative work, especially japanese masking tape. I also love using stamps, patterns, textures, and textiles in my work. It seems as if everything in my life (especially my cats and my country Tainan) is a good source of inspiration for my creative work.


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