2012 World Tour Featured Artist} Naomi Adams

Featured Artist} Naomi Adams

Take notes Ladies and Gentlemen as Naomi Adams steps onto the playing field! This first time participant of The Sketchbook Project is far from a novice. She illuminates her canvases with common place imagery, isolated in such a way that each element’s hidden beauty is revealed. We can all learn a thing or two from her work! I know I have :)

In my exclusive interview with Naomi, she revealed that “A Path Through the Trees” is meant to depict a universal journey.  ”I’d like the people to follow the path, the cord, the ribbon, the thread and attatch whatever meaning they find.” To help spark this inward searching, she has proposed to a challenge to us. Write your words on these wordless pages! All of you!! Just like there are many trees that comprise a forest, be one of the voices that hum in the distance telling their unspoken story of this illustrated “poem.”




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Born in the UK during the late 70s, I studied Art at Aberystwyth School of Art, graduating with an honours degree in 1998.  I am now living and working in a leafy suburb of London.


Things can be so beautiful when you really look at them.  I am always drawn to the intricacies of my subject regardless of the medium I am working in, whether it’s the patterns of a surface eroded by the elements, the way shadows fall across an uneven pavement or the bark of a silver birch. I find such joy in the way even the mundane and overlooked can be rendered astonishing when isolated from the clutter of its surroundings.


These days, I find myself returning more and more often to illustration.  There is an alluring honesty to be found between the lines of pen and ink.  I’m not finished with it yet!


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