2012 World Tour Featured Artist} Vin Ganapathy

Featured Artist} Vin Ganapathy

There is something so mesmerizing about illustrations and line drawings. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate paintings and digital art in all of their splendor, but there is nothing like glazing at an illustration- analyzing each line and the movement, form, and pigment that created it. This raw grandeur is clearly seen in the work of Vin Ganapathy!

Vin draws the world as he sees it- giving the ordinary, appeal and the unnoticed, a voice! He translates his blank pages into your neighborhood sketching class, your girl friend sitting across from you at your favorite coffee spot, and the nearby corners of the borough of Brooklyn. He strategically uses bursts of color or the lack of it to gain emphasis and draw emotion at his whim.


I’m honored to now have Vin as a gallery-mate in the Brooklyn Art Library! Please enjoy samples of his work from the upcoming, Sketchbook Project, 2012 World Tour!



V i n  G a n a p a t h y     — – – – – — – — – —– – – – — – — – — – – – – — – — – — – –    B a c k g r o u n d



Brooklyn artist Vin Ganapathy draws on multiple influences that inform his imagery and work. Mixing pen, ink, and markers, Vin’s illustrations are marked by fine, almost-frail line work and sudden bursts of color. Taking slice-of-life inspiration from the city around him and his crew of oddball friends, his drawings are strangely kinetic and eerily true-to-life.


V i n  G a n a p a t h y    – — – — – — – — – — – — – – – — – — – — – — – — – – – — – – –    C o n n e c t


Website: VinGanapathy.com

Blog: MotivationIsNecessary.Blogspot.com

Twitter: @FeelBetterVin

Facebook Fan Page: /VinGanapathyIllustration