2012 World Tour Featured Artist} Amanda Macfarlane

Featured Artist} Amanda Macfarlane

I love the work of Amanda Macfarlane! In her 2012 Sketchbook Project, she ushers in her light hearted whimsy through colorful imagery reminding us all that it’s okay to smile! It’s okay to take a breather from our stressful routine! It’s okay to remember the joyful moments of that past long forgotten! It’s okay to picture our lives as an animated comic strip and laugh at ourselves- it’s good for the soul as Amanda says!

As you will see below, Amanda’s sketchbook is filled with Tv characters. Maybe she sketched them while watching a movie with her family or just wanted to see if she could draw the image exactly as it was created by the original artist. No matter what the reasoning behind it- I love it! It’s so hard to try and recreate a famous still of a movie and yet Amanda does it so beautifully. Please enjoy!



A m a n d a   M a c f a r l a n e     — – – — – —– – – – — — – — – – – – — – — – — – –    B a c k g r o u n d




Amanda was born in New York, but grew up in Zambia, Africa as a missionary kid with her two parents, three older sisters, a few dogs, a bunch of chameleons, a cute turtle, and a bright imagination! Life was slow and beautiful in the African jungle where she met her husband, Matt, who was also a missionary kid. They hope to one day return.


Amanda says that art has always been a passion for her and esteems to become someone who inspires the daily lives of others through the illustrations she creates. She also has the goal of becoming an illustrator for children’s books or a character design artist- maybe both! Life can get crazy for her and her husband as he is currently apart of the U.S. Military, so in those times, she pulls out her pencil, pens, and markers to calm the mood. By sharing her work others, life seems easier to go through and Amanda hopes her views feel the same =).


A m a n d a   M a c f a r l a n e    – — – — – — — – — – – — – — – — – — – — – – – — – – –    C o n n e c t


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