My Life In A Capsule {A Book Called… Forever Theme Song}

Joel Jelinski Records Exclusive Track for A Book Called... Forever

A great way to instantly set a tone for your viewers is through song. We hear show tunes as we watch a play or movie in the theatre and later the visuals, moods, and sometimes even sentiments, will rush back into our being upon hearing the music once again. On this #MusicMonday, I’m so happy to announce that A Book Called… Forever has an official song, hand crafted exclusively for the project by my very musically talented twin brother, Joel Jelinski!



“My Life In A Capsule,” is best characterized as a collection of individual concepts revolving around the term “Forever” mingled with the smooth echos of acoustic and electric guitar. The lyrical style used by Joel, seems ever evolving and moving, forcing your mind to mirror a flashback scenario- racing from thought to thought in what feels like slow motion.


You can pin point a few of Joel’s lyrics in the opening pages of A Book Called… Forever which depicts a waste land of clocks. Within the next week you will also be able to listen to My Life In A Capsule for FREE as the track will soon be available to stream on Joel’s Fan Page or download it on the Official Tour Page of A Book Called… Forever. Also, If you are located in the Tri-State Area you will have the opportunity to hear it LIVE at my Pre-Release Exhibition held at the local Starbucks where Joel jump starts his daily routine! Stay tuned!