Coaching Dreams


On the twenty third of February, I had the pleasure of once again working with Rising Tide Capital as a Branding and Identity Coach for their 2nd Annual, Marketing Master Class held during National Entrepreneurship Week! The event was housed in a wonderful collective space called Mission Fifty which is located on the penthouse level of The Hoboken Business Center. Below are some pictures from the night and an article I wrote about the experience which was featured in the latest edition of Rising Tide’s Currents Newsletter.




Beatrice Johnston of Brand Excitement teaching us how to Build Visibility and Gain New Clients!


The Branding and Identity Station


I get Excited about Branding and Identity :) !


Some of the Staff of Rising Tide Capital (Mary J. Sansait, Keith Dent, Roger Cervantes, and Justyna Krygowska)


Coaching Dreams


Every day, Rising Tide Capital is helping to write business success stories by uniting professionals and entrepreneurs in training classes that address the basic pitfalls on the road to success.


Have you ever wondered how to file taxes for your newly founded company? How to package your handmade products for the retail market? How to market your company to make it stand out from the competition? How to make your story a success story? These are just a few of the questions that kept me up late at night as a young entrepreneur. Sure, we love reading success stories in Inc. Magazine about startup companies that overcame all obstacles to “make it big,” but do we ever wonder how many more of those stories there would be if each one of us helped someone else to reach their dreams?


Since my introduction to RTC at the very first Marketing Master Class one year ago, I saw an organization with structure, intellect, and passion. The staff understood the burdens each of us face as entrepreneurs, and they were rallying professionals like me to help ease the load. This mission spoke to my inward aspiration to give back to fellow business owners and I knew that I would be partnering with RTC for years to come.


This past Thursday, I had the pleasure of coaching four RTC entrepreneurs on their Branding and Identity at the recent Marketing Master Class. I sat across from these talented individuals and did my best to inspire them with practical and creative direction tailored to the current and future needs of their companies. What’s interesting is that I left the evening feeling inspired after talking with them. Andrea Reynolds of Royalty Coach and Tours reminded me that clients will always value quality; Lena Ragin of Ragin Enterprises helped me reconsider how I am connecting with different personalities; Coleen Piontowskie of The American Dorm Store strengthened my belief in purchasing products that are made in the United States; and Tim Keating of EarthBilt ignited a spark of longevity in my soul inspired me with his 23 years of activism for the preservation of rainforests.


Volunteers will always struggle to find time to make a difference, and entrepreneurs will always struggle with questions about how to grow our businesses. Both need an environment to cultivate ideas, goals, and dreams in order to create success stories. Rising Tide Capital is a perfect model of this environment.


Rob Jelinski is a seasoned print designer, energetic entrepreneur, and admirer of artistic expression. With nearly 10 years working in the design industry, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to every project he has his hands in. Rob can be found tweeting the day away as he plows through design, identity, branding, and marketing projects for an array of clientele from beauty to motorcycles on his flag ship Rob Jelinski Studios. Feel free to connect with Rob by landing on his home base,


Photographs and article were reposted with the consent of Rising Tide Capital.