2012 World Tour Featured Artist} Margot Miller


Collage art takes a clever mind to piece together. Some may think that even a small child can create a collage, but that is not the case when discussing collage- the art form. Margot Miller is a prime example of how an artist approaches collage. She unites varied subject matter, patterns, textures, genres, and any hue found on a color wheel into one cohesive masterpiece! Best of all she makes it look effortless!



iCaptured A Year, Margot’s 2012 Sketchbook Project, is a portal to the everyday scenery stored on her iPhone. From Pantone swatches to the shoe store; her morning tea to the newest color of her nails; this proud New Yorker catalogs it all with the most adorable patterned tape one can find. Enjoy :) .





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Margot Miller is a New York City based illustrator, who enjoys coffee, reading, shopping & photography.  She’s a huge fan of Oprah and has seen all the Harry Potter movies opening night at 12:01am.  Her work has been published by Dunkin Donuts, Swarovski, Time OUt New York, Kendall/Hunt Publishing and The Post Standard.  Her mixed media work combines textured surfaces and found objects to create bold, colorful images.  Margot dreams of writing and illustrating children’s books, being able to walk flawlessly in heels and finding a cure for lactose intolerance.  She lives with her her fiance and cat on the Upper West Side.


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Website: MargotMiller.com

Blog: IcedGrandeSoyLatte.Blogspot.com

Twitter: @MargotMiller