Rise {A Book Called… Forever EP}

A Book Called... Forever EP} M. Josephine

Happy #MusicMonday everyone! Music can hold influential and inspirational qualities when voiced from the right platform. During the Golden Age of Hip Hop (late 80′s- early 90′s,) some rappers used their talents and innovation to speak against the injustice in their communities. In this way they empowered some to rise above the limitations of the ghetto and become essential contributors to the economy. M. Josephine has taken note of these Hip Hop patrons by using her soulful voice to empower others to rise out of whatever ashes may surround them.



M. Josephine’s debut album, The Prelude seems far from an introduction. With MJ’s seasoned voice, a long guest list of featured artists, and thought provoking imagery, this album is sure to impact. The track that caught my attention the most is called “Rise.” Rise communicates that life can seem hard sometimes, but we must fight to stay positive, believe for a brighter day, and push harder to reach our dreams. It was the perfect addition to the EP for A Book Called… Forever! Beyond that, I always love to see potent collaborations between a husband and wife.


You can find MJ and Irs all over the web or you can meet them in person, as they will both be performing LIVE at my Pre-Release Exhibition on March 31st at Starbucks of Glen Ridge.