2012 World Tour Featured Artist} Irene G. Lenguas


I can look at the illustrations of this artist for hours!! The work of Irene G. Lenguas is intriguing- plain and simple. Her color is vivid, style precise, and imagery exquisite! It’s no surprise to me that her work has been published in magazines and featured on gorgeous textiles! You will be seeing much more of her works in these venues once her talent is truly discovered!!



Irene’s 2012 Sketchbook Project is my plane ticket to India. I see countries below from my window seat as we fly high beyond the clouds on the airliner; I snap of picture of the hoards of people traveling up to the spectacular Taj Mahal for a photo album; and the casual scenery of locals, weavers, and mothers carrying their children is forever stored in my memory bank, as our tour bus passes through India’s crowded streets. I can’t wait to feel the texture of the ink soaked pages of this Sketchbook in Brooklyn on April 14th. I can’t wait to travel to India again and I hope you will do the same!


I r e n e  G.  L e n g u a s     — – – — – —– – – – — — – — – – — – — – — – — – — – — –    B a c k g r o u n d



Irene G. Lenguas is a designer and illustrator born in Madrid. She holds a bacholor’s degree in art history and a master’s in costume and theatre design- both earned in Madrid, Spain and Brighton, England. She has experience as an Art Director overseeing areas of design, communication, and corporate image. But Irene has not stopped with accomplishments in the realm of design. She continued to enlarge her portfolio as an illustrator with work published in Cow Parade Madrid (vaca princesa con calcetines/ princess cow with shocks) and now is expanding her recognition as an illustrator in the world of Textiles.


I r e n e  G.  L e n g u a s    – — – — – — — – — – – — – — – — – — – — – — – – – — – – – —    C o n n e c t


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