Caitlin Scholl – Makebelieve

Caitlin Scholl - Makebelieve

The definition of the term “Makebelieve” is in itself intriguing. It is the action of pretending or imagining, typically that things are better than they really are. In Makebelieve the Book, Caitlin Scholl masterfully fastens the cataloged archives of memory, tall tales, and poetic collage onto each reader’s imagination instantly expanding our paths of thought beyond reality and into the lands of what if?



In my experience, it’s a rarity to find a literary work so artistic and layered as Makebelieve. The text is limitless- spanning multiple forms of writing and technique. The presentation is seamless- each piece of vivid imagery, copy, and media (from video to audio,) steers the viewer into the same suspenseful direction.  And most importantly, all of the content is moving- both individually and corporately. After simply viewing the trailer for Makebelieve, you will find yourself pondering the story line and wondering what this story of Lilac Snitloch, a young woman obsessed with the rise and fall of one of America’s earliest children’s amusement parks, is all about.


Wet your appetite with the film strip below and follow these links to begin your journey of Makebelieve by watching the Trailer, Reading the Text, or attending Caitlin’s first Official Reading tomorrow night in Brooklyn!



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Caitlin Scholl is a writer and artist originally hailing from the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Naropa University. Her first novel, Mocemoce, Na Vanua (The Land Abiding), was published in 2006 by IPS Press in the Fiji Islands. Makebelieve, published by UNO Press, is her second book. Her writing has appeared in Sonic Eclectic, Edna, r(e)volve, manifest animists, Adirondack Life Magazine, not enough night, and is forthcoming in The Spirit of Black Mountain College (a book anthology from Lorimer Press). She also tinkers away on experimental film shorts, photographic journals, songwriting, and with acrylic on canvas.


Caitlin has worked as a teacher, editor, and horticulturist, and presently writes and works in Brooklyn, NY.


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