2012 World Tour Featured Artist} Sarah Ryan

Featured Artist} Sarah Ryan

I’ve loved drawing and stories ever since I was a young boy!! When I was little, there seemed to be no greater form of expression than drawing and no greater vehicle for my imagination than a good story. To this day, they are still two of my favorite pastimes. In “Uncharted Waters – Mythology,” Sarah Ryan morphs myths and story-tales into visual wonderlands, fitting for murals of vast proportions! Yet they are all pocket sized and created exclusively for The Sketchbook Project, 2012 World Tour!!



Ryan, a first time participant of the Sketchbook Project, masterfully uses her creativity and skill set to depict tall tales of oral tradition from every creed and tongue. Some of my favorites are: The Cover (Inside and Outside), Kappas, Leviathans, Shen, and Charybdis (IF Round.) I envision these cascading the walls of a Children’s Library or a book land in a Barnes and Noble store filling young hearts with awe as the read away the hours. Maybe Sarah’s current employer, the Upper Darby Sellers Library, located in Philadelphia, will consider this idea for it’s own reading space! (Hint, hint)


While Sarah Ryan’s work is only starting to receive the recognition it deserves, I can assure you, she is headed for greatness! After many readers enjoy her radiant illustrations, ”Uncharted Waters – Mythology” will undoubtedly be one of the Brooklyn Art Library’s best guarded treasures!




Uncharted Waters – Mythology: Kappas


Uncharted Waters – Mythology: Leviathans


 Uncharted Waters – Mythology: Charybdis (IF Round)


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Sarah Ryan is an artist and illustrator based in Philadelphia. She is fueled by ice cream and imagination, and inspired by comic books, vintage advertisements, and fairy tales. Her favorite mediums are watercolor, acrylic ink, prismacolor turquoise pencils and micron pens.


When she is not drawing, Sarah also works in the awesome children’s room in Upper Darby Sellers Library. It’s an endless source of picture books and stories that influence her style and provide her with new ideas.


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