My Top 25 Sketchbook Project Artists

Twenty Five Sketchbooks to Watch

Karin Granstrand, Marian Wood, Mat Roff, Jorge Luis Miraldo, Linyu Yen, Naomi Adams, Vin Ganapathy, Amanda Macfarlane, Margot MillerIrene G. LenguasKoosje KoeneSarah Ryan, and so many more!!!!

It seems so long ago that first I started jotting down names of artists who’s project I wanted to view in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the Kick Off for The Sketchbook Project, 2012 World Tour!! Since then my Read List, has expanded well beyond anything handwritten into a fully designed list of my top 25 tour participants complete with detailed artist features and links to connect with them.


Today, I am proud to present you with my Read List!! Download the pdf, print it out, load it onto your iPhone or iPad, and grab a bunch of friends before you head out the door to Williamsburg this Saturday night. As I learned last year, that massive wall of sketchbooks at the Brooklyn Art Library can be just a little intimidating, so don’t get tongue tied by having this list in hand when you see it! Oh and be sure to ask a friendly librarian for Rob Jelinski’s A Book Called… Forever before you leave the venue ;) .


Click here to view or download the Read List!