A Book Called… Forever {Opening Day}

A Book Called... Forever {Opening Day}

Last Saturday evening, Gina and I hopped in our car and traveled over the Williamsburg Bridge to attend the kick off of The Sketchbook Project, 2012 World Tour and to commemorate the Opening Day of A Book Called… Forever!


It was such a fantastic night of inspiration! I viewed about 30 projects myself- most of them from my Read List and then a bunch of random ones, thanks to the new “pick one + get a mystery project” feature Art House has implemented. My highlights of the 14th were live broadcasts from Joel Jelinski and Karin Grandstrand; chatting with Shane, Caitlin, Eli, Steven and Sarah, Chris, and the rest of the Art House Family; finally meeting Sarah Ryan and Koosje Koene; and enjoying the night with the love of my life, Gina!


Enjoy some snaps of my favorite projects! It looks like I will have to travel to the Library soon for round two, as I still have about 5 from my top 25 that I was unable to get my hands on throughout the night!


I’m Here!

Taking in all the Inspiration

Chris Heuberger

A Packed Brooklyn Art Library

Edgar Cruz, Sr

Koosje Koene

Me with Koosje Koene

Viewing Sketchbooks with Friends

Random Sketchbook Goodness

Danielle seeing A Book Called… Forever for the first time

Inspiration Generation

Good Times

Our Fav Mystery Find

Margot Miller

Karin Grandstrand

Naomi Adams

Linyu Yen

Mat Roff

Me with Sarah Ryan

Irene G. Lenguas

Irene G. Lenguas

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