2012 World Tour Featured Artist} Matt Robinson

Featured Matt Robinson

I’m so thankful for the internet and all the visual inspiration it brings, but no digital image can ever truly convey the physical form of art. Two weeks ago, in Williamsburg, gasps of astonishment rang through the air when the cover opened of “The Art of Vacations” by Matt Robinson! Oh the detail. Oh the stippling. Oh the time. Ohhhh, that landmark is from NYC!!



A few months ago, when I was searching for my Top 25 Sketchbook Project Artists, I came across Matt’s work on Twitter. Of course I was instantly hooked on his individuality and attention to detail- I just had to have him on my Read List and feature his work on My Ink Pad!! Now that I have held this particular project in my hands, I will suggest even louder… ask for The Art of Vacations in the windy city or at any of the other tour stops coming soon to a location near you!!







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After years of attempting to discover my style, I have developed one that I finally feel happy with having produced several pieces in a series called “The Art of Vacations” over a 24-month period.


I use stencils to apply acrylics as a background, and form the picture with an ink pen using a pointillism style.  My inspiration comes from travelling in North America, Europe and Asia and the cities and countries I have visited, basing my artwork on photographs taken at each location.


When I read about The Sketchbook Project and saw the theme of Transatlantic, an idea immediately formed in my mind and I signed up.  Initially The Sketchbook Project was a challenge, but having completed my first book I am already full of ideas on what to produce for next years entry.



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