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Dennis Farrar has a voice that demands a listening ear and talent that embodies the definition of a true, well-rounded, musician! While he has been performing music since the age of four, he recently released his debut album and on May 28th, his first official music video, No Other Choice, will span the globe via a viral premiere on YouTube!!



The music video was captured in 3 different areas and settings (WOW) in the NJ/ NYC area and was the collective effort of Redd Pen MediaBrother Hahz, Pixtions, and of course Dennis Farrar! Dennis is extremely talented, a good friend, and has a devotion to Jesus that is admirable! I can hardly wait five more days until the viral premiere of No Other Choice!! Especially after seeing these behind the scenes photos courtesy of Pixtions! Enjoy!



D e n n i s  W o r s h i p    — – – – – — – — – — – – – — – — – — – – – – — – — – — – –    B a c k g r o u n d




“Peaceful. Motivational. Authentic. These words simply begin to describe the deep passion and love for music that is displayed in Dennis Worship. Dennis began his love for music at an early age. By the age of four, he had learned to play his first complete song on the piano. While the piano was the first instrument he learned how to play, it was the gateway to explore and express this passion inside him for music. Throughout life, he has continued to learn more and more not just about how to play music, but truly learning what music is. You will hear him play organ, xylophone, tympani, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and saxophone.


The raw emotion and authenticity contained in the encouraging lyrics of his songs brings a smile to your face. Dennis Worship displays a passion for God, people and those in need. His genuine lyrics keep his listeners uplifted, while his melodies and vocal runs keep running through their heads. This worshiper, who worships, will cause you to want to know God, the same way he does! His self-titled, debut album, “Dennis Worship” can be purchased at his shows. You will not be disappointed! The relative lyrics are tailor-made for everyday people. So whether you’re, “Sittin’ at the Beach” or someone “Twisted” your arm to listen, you’ll have “No Other Choice” but to follow this upcoming artist.”


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